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Virtual Tour of Lynwood Day Nursery

Caterpillars & Butterflies

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“Play is about exploring the world around us”

 – Fredrick Froebel – 

Our environment is designed so that the children are in control of their own learning.

Our resources are natural, open-ended, and typically wooden. We walked away from “one hit wonder” plastic toys as they provide little variation for children to use them in a different play context; a plastic apple will only ever be a plastic apple. We believe that the natural world ignites much more imagination, inspiration, and creativity. Children prefer playing with sand, water, shells, conkers and bricks and their levels of involvement is much higher when engaging with holistic and natural resources.

Our children are encouraged to select and choose the area in which they want play in, using the resources they want and how long for and are free to do whatever their imagination tells them to do with the resource. Never at Lynwood will you see a group of children all painting the same picture in exactly the same way, we embrace children’s inner creativity and set it free.

If children are engaged, their brains are actually growing when they are in that state of deep involvement so we want to provide this environment where every child can get involved whatever it is that interests and fascinates them.

In this way, we can provide a calm, engaging and enabling learning space in which the children are deeply involved in and if they are involved, we know that they are learning and thriving.

The outdoors is just as important as the indoors at Lynwood, we spend a lot of time in the gardens, no matter the weather. Children need fresh air to experience the elements and learn first-hand about the environment in which they live in.

Children at Lynwood are taught rules and boundaries from a very young age and being allowed to lead play doesn’t mean that we don’t have rules. Children who are encouraged to get involved and follow their own interests are much better behaved as they are truly engaged in their learning.  

The Lynwood Difference!

Planning in the moment works for all children, of all ages, stages, and abilities because they are in control of what they learn and when. At first this sounds a very scary process, but we have found that children achieve not only more but are able to recall moments easier and quicker, because they are able to remember the fun they had.

Our emphasis is not academic achievement, but the enjoyment of discovery and exploration that inspires our children’s natural wonder of the world.
We want them to develop their own curiosity and sense of adventure so they acquire important life skills such as problem solving and independent thinking, which will help them in all areas of their lives as they grow into adulthood, including academic achievements.