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Our Curriculum

“If you are fascinated, then you will be led by the children."

 – Anna Ephgrave – 

Children’s early years learning comes in many different styles, forms, and shapes…
At Lynwood, our pedagogy is based on in the moment learning. Children are born with a natural desire to explore and learn. They experience and learn in the here and now, not storing up their questions until tomorrow or next week. It is in that moment of curiosity and puzzlement, effort and interest – our teachable moment – that our skilful practitioners make all the difference and respond to the child by using appropriate strategies at the right moment to support the children’s well-being and learning and we as practitioners will facilitate that in a wide range of ways.

The Lynwood Ethos 

Our Values

As a setting, and as a team of professionals, we have established agreed aspirations of what we feel is important for our children to be capable of by the time they leave Lynwood and go onto reception.

Our curriculum aspirations are underpinned by the 7 areas of learning as set out in the Early years Foundation Stage, the Characteristics of Effective Learning and through the fundamental British values.
Instead of rushing our children through their levels of learning and through targets and through stages of development, we believe that children develop at their own pace and in their own unique way if supported by an enabling environment and highly qualified practitioner.

The environment which we provide for our children is as important as any practitioner; our children are encouraged to investigate the environment around them, explore their own interests and use their imagination to create. Our daily routines allow lots of time for children to play, the freedom to discover and challenge themselves.

Our Focus

What’s important to us at Lynwood…

Planning in the moment...

is enabling us to take its inspiration from various progressive educational theories such as Montessori,   and Steiner, which focus on self-directed, truly child-led, and experiential learning where the unique child is the centre. We have stepped away from planned activities and started to let children lead their own play as we believe that is the best way to teach in the Early Years.

What about academic Achievement?

The most common worry that parents have about sending their child to a private nursery that uses the Planning in the moment approach method is whether their child will miss out on academic learning. Will they learn their ABC and will they learn numbers or colours or shapes?

The answer is yes!
But it will be when the child is ready, interested and wanting to learn those things and we can assure parents, all children will want to learn those things when they are ready.
It will be in a fun, exciting and engaging moment, with highly qualified, experienced practitioners who are trained to know a child’s development and are able to confidently teach in the moment, there and then and not 3 weeks later when the child has moved on in their interests.

The Lynwood Difference!

Planning in the moment works for all children, of all ages, stages, and abilities because they are in control of the what and of the when.
At first, this sounds like a very scary process, but we have found that children achieve not only more but also, are able to recall moments easier and quicker, because they are able to remember the fun they had.

Our emphasis is not purely on academic achievement, but the enjoyment of discovery and exploration that inspires our children’s natural wonder of the world.
We want them to develop their own curiosity and sense of adventure so they acquire important life skills such as problem solving and independent thinking, which will help them in all areas of their lives as they grow into adulthood, including academic attainments. 

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Our Setting

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