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Welcome to Dragons: a place for your two-year-old to soar

At Lynwood: 

We Encourage Toddlers!

Dragons is a large open plan room with a variety of exciting and engaging spaces tailored to the interests of the children. The children are encouraged to take risks and explore the world around them in an environment designed to promote imagination, creativity, and curiosity.

Our children are able to get messy in the arts and crafts, practice their construction skills or share a quiet story in the den.

Our toddlers learn through play and trial and error, and our supportive curriculum allows them to reach their most significant potential. Children acquire essential skills between 2 and 3 that they require for life; our buddy and keyworker system ensures that our children are nurtured during this critical period, offering the emotional support that two-year-olds need to thrive.

What makes us different?

We strive to be role models and equip our children with the essential knowledge, experiences and dispositions to be successful learners!
That is our Lynwood Promise.

The well-being and happiness is at the heart of our practice at every stage.
The greater the “investment” we as teachers can make towards our children’s learning and development, the more likely they are ready for their next steps in life.

“Why I am doing what I am doing and is it making a difference?” is at the centre of our pedagogy.

What's Being a Dragon All About?

Let's Go Wild!

Two-year-olds seem to have endless amounts of energy, which is why our practitioners and children spend a lot of time in our outdoor environment. Our Dragons play outside come rain or shine, no matter the weather they can be seen exploring the natural world.

Exploring As A Toddler Means:

Splashing in the water

Zooming down the slide

Finding bugs in the plants

Getting messy in the mud kitchen

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